• »Nepal Death is your cosmic hippie psych rock experience!«

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Death, Decadence, and Disco Balls! ­»Sister ­Nirvana!« 1972 Psych rock B-movie Hippie Dance Horror!

Brace yourself for an electrifying journey as the hippie psych rock collective Nepal Death launch their new single and video! A young hippie girl, fueled by her dreams of becoming a dancer, takes a chance and ­ventures to a dance audition, only to find ­herself ensnared by a dangerous death cult, with her dance moves as her only defence.

Nepal Death is like a transcendent 1972 VW bus voyage along The Hippie Trail. This Swedish musical collective is painting a vibrant auditory tapestry reminiscent of the era of free love, all set against the mysterious backdrop of death goddess Kali Ma. Their music beckons listeners to ­c­ontemplate the metamorphosis (or end) that await them beyond the ultimate destination of Kathmandu.

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