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This is the CD fold out digipak version of the album featuring some amazing psychedelic artwork from Toby Jörgensen (Mercyful Fate/King Diamond)

The Nepal Death album is something of a loose concept album revolving around a fictive journey on the hippie trail to Kathmandu. All songs are blended together by short musical bridges creating the sensation of talking to mystical locals, visiting secret shrines and temples, smoking hash from ornamented water pipes and writing doubtful poems. 

1. Eik Dei (Intro)
2. The Hippie Trail 
3. Sadhu Satan (The Durukti Mantra) 
4. Shadow Empress of Kathmandu 
5. She Smelled of Hash 
6. Hindu Psyche (Intro)
7. Wytches 
8. Om Kali Ma 
9. Tonight Will Die
10. Sita Ram
11. Dead in Nepal