About Nepal Death

Nepal Death is like a transcendent
1972 VW bus voyage along The Hippie Trail. This Swedish musical collective is painting a vibrant auditory tapestry reminiscent of the era of free love, all set against the mysterious backdrop of death goddess Kali Ma. Their music beckons listeners to ­contemplate the metamorphosis (or end) that await them beyond the ultimate destination of Kathmandu.

This is seventies vibe psychedelic hippie rock at its very best. Angst ridden vocals on top of a compact wall of guitars, groovy bass, vintage organ and ritualistic drum beats all backed up by chants, religious bells and flutes, freaky backward sounds and eerie tanpura drones.

According to anonymous core cult members the band name is inspired by Danish poet and psychedelic pioneer Eik Skaløe. The former singer of Steppeulvene dreamed and sang about Nepal but went tragically missing in action close to the Nepalese border in 1968.

Pic by Axel Ohm