About Nepal Death

Imagine Charles Manson and Anton LaVey
teaming up with a band of fake Hare Krishna cult members speeding towards Kathmandu in a run down VW bus along the dusty Hippie Trail in 1966. That may give you the idea what Swedish musical collective Nepal Death are all about. 

This is Eastern tinged heavy psychedelic rock at its very best. Angst ridden vocals on top of a compact wall of fuzz guitars, heavy bass and ritualistic drum beats all backed up by hindi chants, religious bells and flutes, freaky backward sounds and eerie India tanpura drones. 

Nepal Death´s style draws from seventies heavy rock bands such as Hawkwind and Blue Öyster Cult. Psychedelic rock in the vein of Amon Düül II and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are other strong influences along with traditional musical vibes from nations like Turkey, Afghanistan and India. Occult references mixed with Hindi mysticism are also prominent in the band's lyrics and aesthetics. 

According to anonymous core cult members the band name is inspired by Danish poet and psychedelic pioneer Eik Skaløe. The former singer of Steppeulvene dreamed and sang about Nepal but went tragically missing in action close to the Nepalese border in 1968. The song Dead in Nepal is all about his demise.  

Pic by Axel Ohm