Album: The Dhyana Mortis LP Vinyl

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The Dhyana Mortis LP is NOT yet another catchy heavy rock album! This is  psychedelic death meditation. Think four twelve minute pieces of transcendentally trippy, hauntingly beautiful, slow droning music of liturgical worship. 

The album features Indian tanpura, heavy bass drones, Tibetan bells, bone flutes. singing bowls, layers of heavy guitars and magical chants. All pieces are tuned differently to resonate and speak to various chakras of the body. Get ready to enter the cosmos of ethereal spaces you have never visited before. Inside and outside of yourself.

Side A:

Trippy Hail Dhyana (Root Chakra)
Kasthamandap Dhyana (Sacral Chakra)

Side B:
Ma Durga Dhyana (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Beyond Nepal Dhyana (Third Eye Chakra)