Album: The Boom Shiva EP Vinyl

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The Boom Shiva EP contains some brand new heavy rock songs featuring the kraut-catchy ”Get Out (of My Grave)”, the hard hitting psych-religious ”Boom Shiva”, the 11 minutes experimental ritualistic ”Bönpo Chöd” and last but not least delirium-weird ”Mary Shelley of the Ganga” - based on recently discovered recordings from a mysterious Danish artist that vanished in Nepal back in the sixties.

The front cover features some amazing psychedelic death artwork from Toby Jörgensen (Mercyful Fate/King Diamond).

Side A:
Rendezvous in Kathmandu (Intro)
Get Out (of My Grave)
Boom Shiva

Side B:
Bönpo Chöd (The Sacrifice of the Self)
Mary Shelley of the Ganga